Rose Brook Golf Course

Rose Brook features many challenging hole’s and picturesque scenery that is highlighted by the Rose Brook Creek Gorge running through and coming into play on many holes. It also features 12 ponds with a few traps scattered throughout. The length is not daunting. But, with 5 par 5’s 9 par 4’s and 4 par 3′ including one over the 100′ deep gorge and one over a huge pond, from a picturesque elevated tee, Rose Brook is just challenging enough for the seasoned golfer, but not too severe to ruin a good vacation round of golf.
Enjoy Golfing Rose Brook! – Gary & Myra

Owners Since 2016 : Gary J. Cerne & Myra Pinker

Gary and Myra are committed, hard working, and continue making plans to enhance the 2020 Season:

At The Rock Pile Bar-

Serving:  Liquor, Beer, Wine & Frozen Drinks

The Club House and Pro Shop are operational. The Club House provides you with a friendly and fun-loving ambiance.

The Pro Shop features Nike attire and everything you need for golfing at your best!

18 Holes (Click for larger image)

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